About us

GeoTrends Energy Associates (GEA) is a consultancy of North American trained energy industry experts that specializes in and delivers comprehensive, cost-effective, and sustainable strategies, advice, and technical expertise to clients in the public and private sectors. We partner with clients around the globe — advising, executing, innovating—to help them define and achieve success in whatever context is most relevant to them and to all stakeholders.

Today’s fast-evolving energy exploration, technology, transportation and marketing sectors require experienced professionals who are fluent in the language of change and transition. The passion for excellence and the wide-ranging body of knowledge and expertise of GEA’s associates assures that the most effective solutions to all of our client’s energy sector related goals and challenges will be identified.

Collectively, our professionals have over 100 years of service and expertise in creating the most advanced and innovative evaluations and implementations of energy projects. Further, whether the challenge is ‘upstream’ or ‘downstream’, GEA can provide resource and technology solutions that deliver biggest beneficial impact in areas critical to our clients and the world's future. Our professionals have been directly involved in or responsible for a wide-variety of successful energy industry ventures in dozens of countries and on every continent where energy and natural resources are being developed.

GEA brings world-class knowledge and experience that has set the standard for mitigation of all non-technical project risks including: public and community relations and education, government and regulatory compliance and leadership, innovative partnerships, media relations, ‘ESG’ issues management and reporting, and other global and local interfaces.